Monday, 1 February 2010

Mexican Christmas and New Year

Mexico Christmas (23)We went to visit Ali and Ed in Puerto Escondido, Mexico and were joined by Willie for two weeks and Fee and Chris for three. That meant we got to have a long, proper (if you only count childless siblings) family Christmas and it was brilliant.

Mexico Christmas (9) Food Pic #24. Christmas Dinner. We had the works – turkey, roast potatoes, paper hats and a moustache for Sarah.

Mexico Christmas (58) New years eve started with a deep sea fishing trip, where we were joined by hundreds of dolphins swimming around the boat, jumping and spinning. We thought the dolphins would distract us from the important business of catching fish but fortunately there were so many that we soon got bored of them and forgot they were there.

Mexico Christmas (66)Sarah was very pleased with her fishing belt.

Mexico Christmas (78) We caught lots of yellow fin tuna that didn’t look that big until you got Ali to hold them up.

Mexico Christmas (77)

Mexico Christmas (82) New years eve evening was a little more traditional – we got drunk.

 Mexico Christmas (3) Food Pic #25. Service station tacos. Will didn’t let being asleep in the middle of an 18 hour bus trip stop him from eating.

Mexico Christmas (86) Most of the time was spent at the beach trying to surf and get sun burnt but we didn’t get the camera out till sunset.

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