Monday, 1 February 2010

Oaxaca City

Oaxaca (32)We took a short city break from the beach life in Puerto to visit the local state city and some surrounding sites. It’s a really nice town but very high up in the mountains so also pretty cold. We hadn’t realised Mexico had so many mountains so we’d dumped almost all of our warm clothes after Siberia. That meant we had to share one cardigan and a pair of jeans between us in Oaxaca.

Oaxaca (11) Monte Alban is the big local attraction – impressive ancient ruins with amazing mountain top views. Iain had read about Mesoamerica’s Mayan culture in a book and wasn’t too impressed that this place was created by some unheard of civilisation called the Zapotecs.

Oaxaca (57) More non-Mayan stuff, this time from the Mixtecs – whoever they are.

Oaxaca (42) 

Oaxaca (62) Ali n Ed have become even more ‘arty’.

Oaxaca (38) Food Pic #26. Posh starters, including cones of manchego cheese. Part of the poshest meal we’ll have for the whole trip thanks to big Sis splashing out.

Oaxaca (37) This cactus gets turned into Mescal – the superior alternative to Tequila.

Oaxaca (55) This cactus doesn’t get turned into booze but it does look a bit like a thingy.

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