Thursday, 17 December 2009


Bangkok (12)Bangkok was just a necessary 2 day stop over on the way to find the beach in Cambodia but, despite the worst accommodation we’ve had yet, we managed to have some fun.

 Bangkok (6) We stayed in a ‘guest house’ that consisted of bamboo huts and pre-fab rooms raised above some dirty water at the edge of the river. We managed to drink enough to not think about the rats under the room and to play with water snakes handed to us by some locals.

Bangkok (9)The Tuk Tuk driver struggled to understand Iain’s request to go skyline drinking.

Bangkok (20)We had a night out with the lovely Nino, including skyline drinking even higher than Hong Kong and some great Thai seafood.

Bangkok (25)We had to trudge through the flooded alleyways to escape our guest house because it was high tide when it came to leaving.

BangkokFood pic #18. Chicken Satay (being eaten by a Kho San Road alley cat after we decided it was a bit too pink for us).

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