Thursday, 17 December 2009


Phuket (20) Sarah is looking so happy because we got to Phuket and managed to swap the usual grotty backpacker places for this 4* hotel.

 Phuket (19)

Phuket (17) This was the reason for coming to Phuket, Paul that is and not the bucket.

Phuket (10) There was a fire competition at the local beach so we got our fix of people setting various things alight and trying to outdo each other with the different ways they could twirl them about.

Phuket (12) This guy lost votes when he set fire to the audience.

Phuket (13) This was the winner with his Michael Jackson themed routine that included wearing white underpants over his black jeans – no one could remember Jackson ever doing that but somehow it worked. 

Phuket (22)  Feeling festive, this was the first Christmas tree we saw this year.

Phuket (44) We visited the Gibbon Rehabilitation Project. This chap is called Sam and he can’t sing (due to maltreatment) so he can’t find a mate. Even Sarah shed a tear on hearing this.

Phuket (50) After leaching on to Paul’s holiday, with wife Amanda and friends providing an instant group of drinking buddies, we stayed a few extra days for fear of returning to nights on our own running out of things to stay to each other.

Phuket (51)  Food Pic #21. Carrot served as embellishment to bright green Mojito.

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