Thursday, 17 December 2009

Koh Raya

IMG_5631  After a few raucous nights in Phuket we needed a bit of isolation so we took a treacherous speed boat ride to Raya Island. We had wanted to try some Malaysian islands but found out it was rainy season so then thought about Koh Tao but it was rainy season there as well. If only we’d listened to Allan before we left we would have known all this and saved ourselves a lot of planning time. I blame Iain.

IMG_5467  A nice hand painted map of the island showed lots of good snorkelling spots. We didn’t find Nemo though.

IMG_5470 Map symbol for snorkelling spot.

IMG_5437  Iain hitches a ride on the local transport.

IMG_5597  Food pic #22 - “Fish of three tastes”

 IMG_5605 Home looked nice but it was right in front of a stinking canal. You could get a room at the non-smelly resort for up £1600 a night but they wouldn’t give us a discount.

 IMG_5642 A frog we upset by waking  up. He was hiding in some flippers.

IMG_5496 We had this bay to ourselves for a day – complete with abandoned reggae bar:

 IMG_5511  It wasn’t really a happy morning for Iain because Sarah had been moaning again.

IMG_5667 The speed boat looks like a pleasant way to travel but all I could think about whilst clinging on for dear life was Donald Campbell and whether the big bumps could rupture my spleen. I could hardly walk in Singapore because my back ached so much. Still it was pretty exciting.


IMG_5576  Sarah had to wear this mask as her goggles are no more, sob.

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