Thursday, 17 December 2009

Cambodian Beaches

Cambodia Beaches (30) Sarah purchased some lovely new goggles for the occasion and we headed straight for Sianhoukville, believing it to be the undiscovered beach paradise we were looking for. Unfortunately we found it to be thoroughly discovered (by 18 year olds) and that the beach had been washed away by a particularly stormy rainy season.

Cambodia Beaches (26) So we headed off up the coast and found this nice spot.

Cambodia Beaches (3)Food pic #19 – Fresh shrimp delivered straight to our sun lounger.

Cambodia Beaches (10)  But that wasn’t deserted enough so we chartered Captain Sang to take us to a nice little island called Ko Ta Kiev.

Cambodia Beaches (46) This was our house for a few days.

Cambodia Beaches (54) After lying in the hammock or on the beach we thought we’d get some exercise but Iain couldn’t really be bothered.

Cambodia Beaches (59)  Orion over bungalow, umm nice.

Cambodia Beaches (69) Our second home on the island was this tree house at Jonty’s Jungle Camp where we had the place to ourselves being the first customers of the season.

Cambodia Beaches (72)  The view from the tree house just before the noises from the creatures of the night tried their best to stop us from sleeping. When we took this picture there was nobody on the beach or so we thought, ooh spooky.

Cambodia Beaches (74) Food pic #20 Freshly caught crab from the beach.

Cambodia Beaches (73)  Jonty’s staff were better at sucking the flesh out of crab claws than us.

Cambodia Beaches (29) Sarah enjoying her new goggles.

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